Firebase Integration to Android App Project

Firebase Integration to Android App

Hello guys, here from this post i’m going to put lights on the concepts of Firebase (Google New Upcoming Popular Thing In Market). It contain lots of features and other things that will help you out to create several functionalities very easily. Here, i’ll tell you how you can have Firebae integration to your Android App Project. So read ahead with the steps.

  • First of all go to Firebase Console and create a new project of similar to your Android Project name. See the image below.
    Firebase Integration to Android App - Create Firebase Project

    Create Firebase Project


  • After creating a new project, click on the Add Firebase to Android App, that’ll will pop up a window where you have to provide Android Application Package Name and SHA-1 signature (optional). Provide the info & download the google-services.json file from the console. That file you have to add in the projects app folder. So just download it & put it in that particular folder.
    Firebase Integration to Android App - Add FIrebase to Android App

    Add FIrebase to Android App


  •  After adding google-services.json file, you have to modify both build.gradle file (root level as well as app level). So modify as,
    • In the root level build.gradle file, add in the dependencies,
      • classpath ‘’
    • In the app level build.gradle file,
      • Add at the end of the file,
        • apply plugin: ‘’
    • Just click on Sync Now and let Gradle files to perform full build.


  • After Gradle Build ends, your project is ready with the Firebase SDK and able to make use of one/more of the below dependency,

    Firebase Integration to Android App - list of dependencies

    list of dependencies

So that’s it, here is how you can integrate Firebase into your Android Application Project to make use of it. There are several features and functionalities that i’ll bring them in lights in my next articles. But look at below image once to have a look,

Firebase Integration to Android App -Fireabase Functionalities

Fireabase Functionalities

Git Repo Link: StudInfo

Video Tutorial: StudInfo YouTube

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