Android Studio – Starting Android App Development

Among us many of have an idea or tones of ideas to make some tense full work easy or to let our society get the benefit from that. Learning anything new can be tough but we will walk besides you through this journey of starting android app development.

You must have to be passionate towards your Mobile App Development desire that will result as your creative end applications . We are here to share the knowledge require to build an Android Application with you people, so you can learn easily from our platform and make the most of use from it.

As current development environment Android covers around 80% of world’s smart phone users and also have incredible platform for the Android Application Developers. Become an android application developer not only makes user of certain applications but one day you can also become an inventor of such ideas.

If we talk about prerequisites, for new comers basic knowledge of computer programming required as it will go through series of terms and things that can be easily understood for them. If you have that knowledge, don’t worry about this, you are going to make use of most of your knowledge from that.

The basic requirements for starting Android Application Development, you require to have download,

  • Standalone Android SDK manager, which will help you to get right packages of android API and other required stuffs
  • IDE (Eclipse or Android Studio) for application development
  •  If you are using Eclipse, you require to download ADT plugin for integrating Android SDK to your Eclipse IDE

You can get the IDE Android Studio / SDK  manager from here. For users those who want to use Eclipse as IDE can download it from its official page Eclipse .

The installation of SDK manager packages is described over here Android SDK Package Installation. Make sure you configure you environment very well before starting app development as specified at the same link.

Users those are using Eclipse as an IDE can see here, ADT Integration to build proper environment for Android Application.

After you build an environment for Android App Development successfully you can start building android applications as you want. Our next articles will address you to make your own android application.

If at any stage there persist a problem you can always write us back to let you get to the solutions.

” Bless for You, Peace for the World” – Purvik Rana

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